The Psych Handbook

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The Psych Handbook

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The Psych Handbook is a collection of 150+ psychological biases and insights which has been covered over the period of 2+ year of writing the newsletter called Psych.

This Handbook is an introductory compilation of psychological biases related to human nature, behavior economics, social psychology and an overview of psychology in humans. Not only it will help to understand learn "why people do what they do", but it also explains certain aspects of human nature through the biases we tend to show in our daily lifestyle. 

Find answers to questions like why we think we are always right, what makes us buy things, how biases are used in marketing products and more. The practical takeaways with each bias can be insightful to implement in your personal as well as professional front of life. It can act as a good introduction to psychology for you.

Interested in a preview? Here's the link to one of the popular newsletter posts on Hindsight Bias. Or take a look at the archive, if you want to get more insights!! 😀


- Preface

- How to use this Book?

- What is a Bias?

- Series of pages covering 100 Biases

- Acknowledgement

- Index

- References

A Little Backstory

My name is Vaibhav Dwivedi and I started learning psychology to understand people and their actions. After completing a course on Social Psychology with Honors, I felt like sharing the valuable lessons and insights I had learned. Therefore, I started writing the Psych newsletter, bi-weekly for free. 

We recently crossed the 1 year anniversary of this newsletter and the community loves reading the bite-size nuggets of knowledge. I hope that you will also learn and find amusing insights which will act as a support in your journey :)

Kind words by the community

"If you are not reading Psych by @vaibhavThevedi. you are really missing out 🧐

Bite-sized nuggets of psychology insights 👇"

- Anastasia Shch 

"Really enjoying the bias newsletter by @vaibhavThevedi.

Today is about belief bias - the results that happen when someone’s belief affects the reasoning of an argument.

It’s always short, to the point, and super interesting."

- Tamara Sredojevic

"Been following @vaibhavThevedi psychology newsletter for around a month or so now.

It's easy to understand, short and informative.

Check it out if you're interested in psychology or just understanding yourself better."

- George

"The newsletter is such a gem. It's so helpful."


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