Analytics for Substack Newsletter

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Analytics for Substack Newsletter

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Get personalised actionable insights you need to grow your Substack newsletter from your newsletter's data!


Substack is a great tool to write but it doesn't offer much insights on your newsletter's performance.

While you can see open rate, link clicks & traffic source per each post. For most of the writers, this data does not provide enough actionable insights.

Being a writer myself, I decided to find the metrics that helps to understand the performance of the newsletter & how best it can be leveraged to grow it.

What do you get?

In the full report, you can expect metrics derived from the data of your newsletter such as -

  • Email Engagement over time (Opens, Clicks, Delivers)
  • Days with most opens
  • Days with most clicks
  • Time with most opens
  • Time with most clicks
  • Month wise breakdown - email with most opens, most clicks, delivers

Screenshots from Psych newsletter's analysis -

Email engagement trend

Best day to publish

Best time to publish

👋 Since there is no Substack API, the exported data of your newsletter will be required. It will be utilised with fully confidentiality and security.

I want this!

You'll get a personalised report with metrics derived from your newsletter's data.

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